January 4, 2023

2023-03-07 | 22:35:31

"This review is based on what this store is, a nice small town grocery store. It is not Walmart or anything but it is local and convenient. Every time I have visited the staff has been helpful and polite. And while some of the prices are higher they definitely are lower than the gas stations and anything else for a good distance. And every time I have gone I have found at least a few sale items to fix for dinner. So no it is not a big box store but it is a nice place to shop."
December 22, 2022

2024-06-29 | 23:35:07

"Good cologne and other needed supplies service is nice"
December 12, 2022

2024-06-29 | 23:35:08

"Amazing and good to see that Small American owned businesses still exist."
November 12, 2022

2024-06-29 | 23:35:08

"Superb service and friendly staff_Store will order what you need if possible."
September 2, 2022

2024-06-29 | 23:35:10

"Family oriented business. Nice people!"